Product Sercha®

Our powerful product database is specifically designed to help save you time and money. If you’re looking for a product, a material price or a supplier, stop searching the internet, sending emails or wading through directories – one form does it all for you.

For Specifiers

Each time you have a new requirement or a product that you’re finding it hard to source, fill in the form with what you want, when you want it and how much you need. Add any drawings or specifications and you’re good to go. Your request will go to the relevant suppliers in our database of over 11,000 businesses.

We create a market and bring together better pricing for your project by increasing visibility to suppliers and manufacturers. Any responses are neatly stored in TenderSpace for you to review when you’re ready. And because it’s anonymous, you won’t be pestered with sales calls.

Product Sercha

For Suppliers and Manufacturers

Start your sales process early and get promoted to specifiers looking for your products at the earliest stage possible.

It’s free to create your profile, uploading all of the specifications, reviews and product features you want. Then simply set up your Product Sercha alerts to receive requests from bona fide customers searching for your specific products.

We’ll give you some free credits to get you started but you won’t believe how cost effective our Premium package is allowing you to make unlimited responses. Stop searching and start selling – to the right people.

Product Sercha
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Product Sercha®

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