Cost Analysis

Our online templates are based on BCIS standards allow you to easily collate and compare responses from contractors and sub-contractors. You can even create your own within the system. And we are currently working on templates for Trade Packages to make things even better.

Using our Cost Analysis templates

We've created a number of standard templates for you. Or you can create your own - simply go "Settings", then "Company Settings" then "Cost Analysis Templates".

Using our templates makes it easy for contractors and sub-contractors to complete and return their estimates. Everyone in the supply chain can work on the same form.

Using our cost analysis templates

Analysis made simple

And it makes it easy for you to compare and analyse differences in the responses.

You can even use it for secure e-tendering by setting the tender deadline and locking it down. This means that you wont be able to view responses submitted until the deadline is reached.

Managing your bid process does not need to be complicated. Take control and bid more efficiently using software that works for the whole project team.

Using our cost analysis templates

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Cost Analysis

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