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TenderSpace Collaboration

Collaboration – The Future for Construction?

Collaboration is an expression that is being used more and more often in connection with construction these days, but what… Read more


Don’t be left digging with your hands

“As an industry and as a methodology, construction has been notoriously slow to embrace new potential technologies.” This is the… Read more

London skyline.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Those responsible for procurement within the public sector could claim with some justification that they are in an invidious position…. Read more


The Dawn of a Golden Age for SME’s in Construction. Our CEO, David Stapleton discusses

Issues of procurement are rarely far from the headlines in our industry at the moment. A shortage of skilled labour… Read more


Strong-Arming or Shaking Hands? Our CEO, David Stapleton discusses

“Construction Enquirer” has published a thought-provoking, prescient and provocative piece¹. As they put it “for too long client cost advisors… Read more