A comprehensive set of online tools for everyone involved in property and construction

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TenderSpace offers fantastic tools for everyone in the property and construction industries - whether you're a Client or Advisor, a Contractor or a Supplier.

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TenderSpace has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to help everyone in property or construction. Doing what you do just got a whole lot easier.

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The ToolBox

Our unique ToolBox lies at the heart of TenderSpace. It’s been designed to help you find and win new business, manage your projects and control your costs. Open up the TenderSpace ToolBox and take a look.

Team Sercha®

Find contractors, specialists and professionals

Work Sercha®

Find that new opportunity at the earliest time

Quick Quote

Perfect for those small and urgent jobs

Cost Analysis

Use our analysis tools to compare costings

Project Manager

Manage existing projects with your team or start a new one and find new solutions

Product Sercha®

One click sources your materials from our huge database

Reward Builder

Spread the news and enjoy all of the tools for free

Profile Builder

Show yourself in the best light and never fill in a PQQ again

Finance Checker

Check out the group structure or finances of your potential business partners

Find out how TenderSpace can help you and help your business grow

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